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Happy New Year 2021 To The DEV Community!!!

Happy New Year 2021 To The DEV Community!!!

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Finally, the year 2020 has gone by, and as we welcome 2021, there are few things I want to say to my readers.

  • 2020 has taught us to value small things and appreciate even the smallest of success.

  • Life is very uncertain, and we should cherish every moment. Every day of 2020, we prayed that we have to live by this year without any hiccups.

  • Remember your every small achievement, your learnings in 2020, and build upon that for your future endeavors.

For me, the most significant achievement of 2020 was to get a job as a Software Developer in a reputed company. I will be starting on 13 Jan 2021. As far as the new year 2021 is concerned, I plan my work for the next one or two months, not for the whole year. This way, I have more concentration and determination to work on my targets.

There are many new things and work I have planned to do in 2021 to uplift my life and my career. Let's see how it goes.

I would love to read your views on your plans for 2021 and one memorable moment of 2020. Share it below in the comments or connect with me on my social handles.

At last, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! I hope this new year/decade you achieve whatever you have planned in your life.

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