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25 Days Into 100 Days Of Code -  What I learned!!

25 Days Into 100 Days Of Code - What I learned!!

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How I came to know about 100 Days Of Code?

I have had a Twitter account since 2017 and never really used it apart from following some tech and political news. It all changed in April- May 2020. I wanted to tweet something related to programming and web development.

So, as everyone does on Twitter, I thought of using a hashtag related to programming, and that is when I saw a hashtag trending. Yes, you guessed it right, it was the 100 Days Of Code hashtag. I tweeted using the tag and then clicked on the hashtag to see what it was all about.

When it opened, I was just surprised to see all programming related talks going around there. Lots of incredible people sharing their 100 Days journey and also sharing some great resources. I found a belonging there, and everything changed. I became a regular Twitter user and met some fantastic people and developers.

I was very busy with my college schedule, and placements were going on, so I didn't start with 100 Days Of Code just then. Also, at that time, I was not clear about what I wanted to learn. Someday, I thought to React another day. I thought of JavaScript or Data Structures and Algorithms.

Finally, on 1st October 2020, I was clear and planned to learn Backend Development in NodeJS and learn designing in Figma and Adobe Illustrator before 2021. And this, I thought, is the perfect time for me to start 100 Days Of Code Journey. And I started it the very same day that is on 1st October 2020.

What is 100 Days Of Code ?


As evident from the name, it's an initiative or a challenge started by developers and programmers across the world. In this, you code for 100 days. It can be Any language, framework tools, whatever you wish. This challenge helps you be consistent and also monitor your progress as you move along.

What are my targets to be achieved for this challenge?

So, before taking or starting into this, it is crucial to have a target/plan. List out the stuff you wish to learn in these 100 days. Planning before starting gives you enormous help and support as you go along.

I am very passionate about web development and have set my targets for this challenge around it. For my challenge, I have set a target to learn the following things-

  • Backend Web Development in NodeJS
  • Become more efficient in Front End Web Development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • UX Designing in Figma
  • Digital Painting in Adobe Illustrator

My progress by the end of 25 days

On 25 Oct 2020, I completed 25 days of the challenge, and I have to admit taking this challenge is one of the best things I have done. I have achieved consistency and motivation to study and work more because of this challenge. I am thrilled by the tasks I have completed in these 25 days. I have learned a lot of new things, maintained a schedule, and followed that.

Below are the topics I have completed in these 25 days out of the targets I mentioned above:

NodeJS: Used command line arguments and yargs package, studied JSON, Filesystem storing data, callback functions, and used all of these in a mini-project. I also learned about using APIs in NodeJS using web server packages, learned to link frontend with backend, and deploy projects on Heroku. I started learning databases in MongoDB.

Competitive Programming:Solved a lot of DSA problems on LeetCode, GeeksForGeeks participated in Codechef contests. The major milestone in this was crossing an overall score of 1000 on GeeksForGeeks.

Design: I learned a lot of new techniques in UX Designing on FIGMA. I referred to some YT videos and tried doing a few projects to grasp the concepts.

I started learning Adobe Illustrator, learn a lot of new concepts, and made two digital arts to understand those. Below is one of those paintings I created using Illustrator:


So, this was all about my 25 days journey into 100 Days Of Code. Will write another progress report on completing 50 days, can't wait for that to happen. I also share my daily progress on Twitter, so follow me there to know more. Here's the link to my profile:

Ayush Agarwal's Twitter Profile

Furthermore, I would suggest every developer take up 100 Days Of Code. You will, indeed, become a better developer.

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