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2 Articles 1 Week For A Month - What I Learned!

2 Articles 1 Week For A Month - What I Learned!

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Ayush Agarwal
·Sep 28, 2020·

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I started to write blogs in April 2020 on Blogger. I did start just to try something new and see if I enjoy doing it or not. I started writing on current affairs, realizing I don't like the domain, so I started with tech. I found it very interesting to write about 4-5 blogs in about 2 months, which is very vague and random without any consistency. And then my college campus recruitments started, so got busy with it until August.

It was about the end of August. I got free and decided to get on with blogging again. But this time, I didn't want to write on Blogger with their domain name and that lousy interface. So decided I will make my own blog site. I started making it on WordPress and was almost done when I came across about 50 tweets praising HASHNODE on twitter.

You won't believe I quit my almost complete WordPress site to join Hashnode. Now I needed one custom domain to start because I wanted my identity on my blogs. I bought my custom domain from Namecheap.

You can read about buying a domain from Namecheap here: Buying Your Custom Domain

So I set up everything and published my first blog on 30 Aug 2020. Now I started to explore Hashnode a little bit and came across this exciting challenge, "2Articles1Week," and read about it.

What is 2Articles1Week Challenge:

  • You have to write 2 articles every week for 4 consecutive weeks.
  • On maintaining the streak for 2 weeks, you get a bronze badge, silver for 3, and gold for 4 weeks.
  • Add the tag 2Articles1Week to every blog you write.

This is all about the challenge. You can read more about it here: 2Articles1Week Challenge

I immediately decided to take up the challenge. After all, what's better than something egging you to write consistently, and I committed about taking the challenge on twitter.

I got excited to write more blogs and started to search for more and more topics. In excitement, I published about 5 Blogs in a week. I continued writing am after 3 weeks. I received both my bronze and silver badges, and finally, a few days ago, I completed the challenge and got a gold badge.

Here's a snap of the badges I have received.


For an overview here's my blog stats up until now:

  • Total Blogs : 11
  • Views Overall:1710

Now anything you do teaches you a lot of things. I learned a lot of things by completing 2Articles1Week too. A few of the standouts are:

  • Consistency: Via the challenge, I developed one of the most essential traits required to be a blogger: write consistently.
  • Networking: Many people are doing this challenge, so I met a few amazing people and learned their writing styles and techniques.
  • Interest In Blogging: When you are new to blogging, it gets very frustrating in the beginning with no motive to write. So this challenge gives you that drive to buckle up and start writing.

Finally, to conclude things, I would say, if you have started blogging, take up this challenge. It is not necessary to be on Hashnode to do this. Even Dev.to has a badge reward for consistent writing.

And if you are writing on your website, set personal rewards for yourself like if I write 2 articles in 1 week, I will reward myself chocolate. And you will get the inspiration to write.

Share your views on this challenge. Have you done it or are doing it, and what have you learned till now.

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